Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Create Like A Mad Scientist!

Nothing like a good first impression. Haha

My Scrap Sister Marilyn challenged us to take a before photo of our scraproom for our upcoming January crop.  Then we have to clean it all up and post an after photo of the CLEAN!  A fresh clean place to create for the crop weekend.

Well, here is mine!  Here are my excuses...

1.  I just had a guest leave that slept in the bed.
2.  The file folders held the paper I just reorganized in the carts you can not see in this photo.
3.  I am two 2-page layouts away from completing our Summer 2012 album.
4.  I am out of excuses and wish I could say that my children did part of it, but as I tell my kids.  "Jesus doesn't like it when you lie."

I am reigniting my passion for scrapping {my husband is so happy NOT!}.  So what better way to mark a fresh start than with a new blog! 

I hope you come back.  I hope the mess doesn't scare you!

Cliffhanger...what is in that 20 gallon tank? {Hey it works to keep people coming back to soap operas}

Happy Scrapping!

Lori Margret


  1. Ha! Ha! So glad I took a moment to read your blog today. Makes me happy to know someone can make a bigger mess than I do when scrapping!!

  2. your room looks awesome- i can't wait to see the cleaner side!!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog today and taking the time to write such a kind comment

  3. Well it looks like a well loved craft room. My room was a mess after xmas, to a point I couldn't creat in it. So I had a big clean up and then got my DD finished--thanks for your comment today. I just wasn't sure how to document that day "in history".

  4. I like to believe that a clean craft room is a sign of more time spent organizing than crafting. ;-)

  5. so funny! and wow...I can't wait to see the "after" :) I took 30 minutes to clean my scrap studio too but my scrap table & my computer station looks like a tornado hit them!

  6. Well mine is never clean so maybe I need a challenge lol!! Love the blog.

  7. Looks like my room! Lol. Lots of creativity comes out of rooms like that!


Thank you for your comment! :)