Friday, January 25, 2013


 For those of you who remember my first post where my scrap room had been taken over by a mad scientist, here is the improvement...

Welcome to my scraproom.  When you step inside you will hear my guinea pig "alarm."  4 cuties live in that big plastic tote.  They squeal because they think you have CARROTS!  I am getting ready to cut it down to 2.  Want a pig?  Toby the Shih Tzu is waiting under the table to greet you!

It feels SO good to have my paper all organized.  All my 12x12 patterned papers are organized in 2 carts.  The last cart holds all my cardstock.  The first 2 carts hold a lot of my embellishments.  The tote in the floor holds all my Stacks and Packaged Collections.  I am not liking Stacks of paper so much.  I am usually sick of it before I can even use half of it!  Toby is still watching us.

I put a twin bed in my scrap room.  It is where my Mom sleeps when she comes to visit.  The drawers hold my alphabets, Creative Memories Cutter System, and my Nestabilities. On the shelves is one of my favorite photos of my girlies, a breast cancer awareness bandana in memory of Chrispea, an owl, my WW 10 pound ribbon, and the red/white necklace I wore to the Valentine's Dance in 4th grade.  I love my Yoga Dogs calendar!  The tote at the end of the bed holds my Mom's scrappy supplies.  My mom made the quilt out of all the fabrics she has used over the years to make my Grandma's dresses.

The dresser holds punches, cuttlebug, cricut, sizzix, and misc. in it's drawers.  Then we have card kits, envelopes, blank cards, and lots of misc. in the plastic drawers.  The "Just the Girls" frame still holds the pic that came with the frame.  The pic on top of the white shelf is me, mom, Emily, and my sister.  The flowered handkerchief was my grandma's.  The pile at the far left is my littles' supplies.

My flower and ribbon collection.  My clock that still has the pics in it that came with it.  My mask from New Orleans.  The little guy hanging with the ribbon is my voodoo doll.

Albums, cutting systems, magazines, stamps, glitter, ribbons, books, stamp pads, layouts, kits, etc. etc. etc. lol

My view from my chair.  My hedgehog, Whimsy, lives in the tank sitting next to me.  I use the bowl for my trash.

I almost forgot to mention my "dollcase."  This was a gun case until Hubby decided to put his guns in a GINORMOUS safe.  It holds my Boyds Bears and Lee Middleton Doll Collections.  I have 2 Annette Funicello bears too.  Oh and my childhood doll, the Gerber baby, is in there too.  My Mom made the Scotty Dog quilt for me. 
Thank you for visiting and letting me redeem myself after posting the BEFORE pic.  If you haven't seen the before it is in the post "I Create Like A Mad Scientist." 
Happy Scrapping!
Lori Margret

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